To escape poverty single women in West-Africa easily find work as waitresses in neighboring countries, like Niger. When recruited, a lavish life is promised. Already at the start they find out these jobs are very poor paid, taking into account the rent of their rooms is deducted directly from the salary. Saving seems a lot more difficult as thought from the start. For some extras, they begin with small businesses as selling boiled eggs or other refreshments to costumers at the bar. As they realise this extra income is not sufficient enough, they start serving men in a special way day and night, unfortunately not without any risks. They all dream of quitting the job after a while and with their savings start a small honourable business back home. Few of them accomplish that wish, many of them end up pregnant, or have STDs, or sometimes even worse. All of a sudden they find themselves in an endless street with no way out, because their special service is often paid not more than the price of a beer.

Niger, 2009-2012
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