Development happens through jobs. They allow families to escape poverty, individuals to develop skills, but lots of groups are excluded such as women and youth to gain economic independence. Unfortunately in West Africa the informal sector accounts for approximately 50% of national output, over 80% of employment, and 90% of new jobs. As for Niger, many children work in the informal sector, they are paid just enough to get food and shelter. Of course those small jobs offer a better quality of living than the one on the street. Those living in families can afford to save something and even spend a small amount on fancy things. The latter are really a minority. Even fewer young people grow up in wealthy families and have the opportunity to study at private schools in the capital. A very small minority has real prospects.

Niger, 2011-2013
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The book 'YOUNG' is a triptych containing three chapters: 'Sans toit, sans loi', 'Un devoir sans espoir', and 'L'économie du rien'.

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