In bigger cities of Niger lots of children live on the street with little or no access to basic needs. Life is a day-to-day struggle to get food, water and shelter. They are unable to attend school, and generally survive by begging or stealing. They are seen as outcasts of society. Many of them have been forced to work on the street because their families are too poor to send them to school, or even to feed them. Small jobs, as street vendors or cariers, are paid significantly less than adults for the same jobs. Many children often turn to substance abuse as a way of escaping the harsh realities of life on the street. Both boys and girls face high levels of verbal, physical and sexual abuse. Behind their smile often a whole tragedie is hidden. And some of them no longer know what is smiling.

Niger, 2011-2013
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The book 'YOUNG' is a triptych containing three chapters: 'Sans toit, sans loi', 'Un devoir sans espoir', and 'L'économie du rien'.

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